Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quick Cyrus Update (and some other stuff)

Hi everyone,

I'm sure Meghann will be able to blog soon with a more thorough report of everything that's getting done in Kenya but I just thought I'd take a second to update everyone on what is happening with Cyrus (pictured here, photo taken last year at Tunza).

As of this week, he has slowly been regaining a little bit of his sight. He can now see up close and can make out shapes. He can tell if someone is in front of him and can identify things (e.g. telling the difference between a dog and a person) but his vision is not good enough that he can identify the person or see colors or anything far away.

He was taken to the Kikuyu eye clinic this Friday and they said that they were happy with his progress and would like to continue the same treatment that he had been originally given. We were told that it would take 3 to 4 weeks for the swelling of his optic nerves to go down and at that point, we will be able to assess how well he will be able to see. It has been a week since that point so we are very hopeful that he will continue to make progress in the coming weeks! He will be returning to the eye clinic on November 11.

Along with Cyrus, we (note: I say we as in Uweza because I was not involved and there only in spirit), brought one of the HIV+ patients from our Tumaini Health program to the Kikuyu eye clinic. She has been having trouble seeing and was given medication and will return in two weeks for further assessment. We hope that her condition will improve as well.

Our Tunza FC teams continue to practice every week, and I received an email from one of the oldest boys on the under-18 team about how their team is doing: with our Tunza team its going on well, hope that you will continue sponsoring us, we normally go to training every day, our coaches this round are serious on this hope come December in the tournament we will win!"

Finally, this week Meghann met two girls in Kibera that had compelling stories and we were able to provide them with uniforms so they could continue going to school. One of the girls is 12 and in class 4. She lives with her aunt who is paralyzed and bedridden due to having suffered from a stroke. The girl is responsible for taking care of her aunt and doing everything for the household and was not attending school because she could not afford the uniform. Her cousin is 10 and in class 3. She traveled to Kibera from Eldoret with her mother, after being chased from their home during the violence following the election. Her mother hasn't been able to make enough money to purchase the uniform and supplies needed to send her daughter to school. Uweza was able to provide both of them with uniforms and according to Meghann one of the girls kept chanting "I'm going to school again!" excitedly while purchasing the uniforms.

That's all I have - I think Meghann will be updating with more information soon.

Oh, sponsorship welcome packets are being sent out VERY soon. We sincerely apologize for the delay and are working hard to get them finished.

Thanks (as always) for reading and for your support.


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