Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eyesight, salaries, computers, and chickens

I received an e-mail from Meghann a few days ago with news about what they're up to in Kenya and thought I'd pass it along to any and all blog readers. They've been keeping busy and are getting a lot done!

Cyrus is doing a lot better. He is still going to the eye clinic where they have been continuing to monitor his progress and give him medicine to help reduce the swelling in his eyes. This week, he was able to get around the center by himself and even walk around in Kibera outside of the center with one of the other Tunza boys. He can't see perfectly but had definitely made a lot of progress and we are so happy that he will not end up permanently blind. We'll be continuing to monitor the situation and look into possible alternative education opportunities if his vision is not well enough to return to his normal school.

Recently, Tunza Children's Center has really been struggling to afford food and teacher's salaries. The teacher's had not been paid for months and have been teaching on a volunteer basis only. Last week, we were able to pay all of the teachers and staff salaries for one month and hope to pay them for another month next week. We also purchased beans and ugali for the center and a truckload of firewood. We received some very generous donations to help us out in supporting Tunza so thank you to those donors!

We are also getting ready to enroll the six sponsored kids from Tunza to enter classes 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 at Olympic Primary School for entrance in January. The kids that will be going are some of the top students in their class at Tunza and we're excited for them to have this opportunity.

Meghann and Dan are working on setting up an office/computer center in Kibera, as Meghann mentioned in her last blog, and they may have a way to get some computers for free. It will be a great opportunity to be able to help children in Kibera become proficient in the use of computers and we're hoping this will work out!

The chicken coop is almost finished and by next week, Uweza will have 50 chickens and many, many eggs to supplement the diets of patients in our Tumaini Health program.

There are some other projects in the works, including the implementation of solar power at some of the centers and schools we support to reduce costs and the negotiation and purchase of land for our new school but details have not yet been worked out so maybe next time we'll have more info.

Thanks for reading and for your continued support of Uweza. We are accomplishing a lot more than we imagined we would be able to when we started the organization earlier this year and it is due to the support we have received, we truly appreciate it!!


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