Monday, February 2, 2009


Over the summer, we wrote about a girl named Jenny, who we met while visiting one of our HIV positive patients at the hospital. Jenny is 15, is HIV positive and has AIDS. When we met her, she was extremely skinny and sick and very weak. After she returned home from the hospital, we visited her at home a few times and she asked us if we could help her go back to school. She had finished primary school over a year ago but then she became sick and her grandmother, who is taking care of her, could not afford the fees for secondary school on top of the costs of her treatment. This didn't seem very realistic at the time, as she could barely walk or even sit up but we told her that we would try.

Last month, Dan and Meghann went to visit Jenny and were amazed at her progress! She has gained weight and is healthy and looks great. We decided to stick to our word and sponsor her to attend high school. Today, Dan brought her to get a new uniform and to pay her school fees and tomorrow, she will return to school for the first time since early last year.

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