Thursday, May 21, 2009

Support groups

The HIV-positive support groups that we support have been busy making bags and beaded jewelry. We have been helping the groups purchase the materials and thanks to the help of volunteers who have generously carried the products in their luggage, we have been selling the goods here. The majority of the proceeds from the sales go directly to the women who make the items, with the rest going into a fund provides hospital care and medicine for support group patients in need.

They have expressed a tremendous amount of gratitude to our supporters who have purchased the goods - the profits have helped them pay school fees for their children, pay their rents and purchase food. We also hope to use some of the funds to provide the groups with materials such as sewing machines or cleaning supplies so that they can start their own small businesses. More pictures of the group as well as their goods have been posted in the Tumaini section of the photo gallery. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing or selling any of these items!

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