Friday, September 25, 2009

A little bit goes a long way

Maxwell is 3 and a half years old and the younger brother of two of our brightest sponsored students. Last weekend, Maxwell was playing outside of his house, fell down and badly injured his arm. While visiting his older brother three days after his accident, we met Maxwell and learned about what happened. He was unable to move his arm and it was swollen to almost two times its normal size.

His mother told us that she took him to a local clinic and they gave him medicine to rub on it. She could not afford to go to a decent hospital and get an x-ray or proper treatment so she just had to hope that it would heal properly on its own (which we all realize is unlikely).

We knew that it was serious and if his arm did not heal properly, he would be affected by it for the rest of his life. So we offered to cover the costs of the hospital and his mom took him the next day.

When we returned to visit Maxwell yesterday, we found Maxwell in a cast and a sling. It turns out that his arm was completely dislocated from its socket and broken in three places. The total costs (transport to and from the hospital, examination by a doctor, the x-ray, the cast and sling, and medicine) came to $13.

We are happy that we can help even in small ways such as this and thanks to our donors, Maxwell is now doing okay and on his way to recovery!

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