Monday, September 21, 2009

Remembering Jenny

Last year and earlier this year, we wrote about a 15 year-old girl named Jane (or "Jenny") who was HIV positive. We met Jenny in August 2008 when she was admitted to the HIV/AIDS ward of the hospital and in the bed next to one of our regular patients.

By spring of 2009, Jenny had regained her health and wanted more than anything to return to school. Thanks to the generosity of a sponsor, we were able to sponsor her to attend high school.

Almost 2 months ago today on June 20, 2009, we received the heartbreaking news that Jenny had passed away in her sleep at the age of 16.

Jenny was an orphan and lost both of her parents to AIDS. She was born HIV positive. She struggled with her health throughout her life as a result. However, she was determined not to let the disease get her down and fought until the end. We met her because she saw us buying our patient juice and she spoke up that she too would like some juice (and soda and cookies and fruit). We sponsored her because every time we would visit her at home, even when she could barely sit up, she would remind us "what about school?" She attended school up until the day before she passed and never gave up.

She was a fighter and an inspiration and we miss her very much.

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