Monday, October 12, 2009

Brian Needs Your Help!

Brian Makoha is 7 years old and lives in Kibera with his mother, his older sister and his 9-month old brother. His father died several years ago and his mother does not have a job or source of income.

Almost 3 months ago, in July, Brian's mother was cooking on a wood-burning stove inside their small home. While she left to go to the shop, Brian accidentally knocked over the stove. Half of the house caught on fire and Brian was unable to escape in time. He suffered from third degree burns on his leg, all the way from the top of his foot to his knee.

His mother, not having the money to afford to take him to a proper hospital, carried Brian to a clinic near their home. The clinic applied some medicine and wrapped the burn. She repeated this every day but was unable to pay any money and after 17 visits (and almost $100 accumulated in debt), the clinic refused to treat Brian anymore. At this point, the burn had not healed, as Brian lost several layers of skin.

His mother, still not knowing what to do, took advice from a neighbor to treat the burn at home. She began to burn a burlap sack, mix the ashes with sugar water and apply them to Brian's leg. To all of us, this seems terrible, but to a desperate mother with no way out, it seemed like the only option.

Brian does not have enough blood, which was compounded by the blood loss from his burn, his heart beats irregularly, and his immune system is very weak. He is currently so skinny and deprived of blood that you can literally see his heart beating in his chest.

Brian, healthy, in January 2009

When we saw how bad the situation was, we knew that something had to be done. On September 30, we brought him to Kenyatta National Hospital where a scan was done on his heart and other organs and he was admitted to the Pediatric Burn Unit. They wrapped his leg, treated it with medication, gave him blood thickening medication and ordered a series of blood transfusions.

Brian now

Many of you may remember the case of Cyrus last year. He desperately needed medical care and thanks to the generosity of donors, we were able to save his life.

Once again, we need to ask your help. Brian is still admitted in the hospital, with no end yet in sight. The doctors are reporting that he needs a skin graft on his leg because the old skin will never grow back.

So far, we have spent about $200 on his care but the greatest hit will come when he is discharged from Kenyatta and we must pay the final bill. Money will also be needed to continue to ensure that the wound heals and that he is okay once he leaves the hospital.

We at Uweza, Brian and Brian's family would truly appreciate your assistance. We have already seen great improvements in Brian's condition. This weekend he was able to walk for the first time since he was burned and he is laughing and smiling for the first time as well. We want to do everything we can to help him but we honestly won't be able to without your help.

Please, please, please help Brian. Your money will truly be saving the life of a child in need and will not go to waste.

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