Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sponsor Christmas dinner for a family in Kibera!

Everyone in Kibera is getting geared up for Christmas right now - this mostly means trying to find their best outfit to wear to church for the day. Most families living in the slum cannot afford to buy presents for each other or even a nice meal. Dinner on Christmas day will consist of the common staple foods, ugali (maize flour that is boiled into a doughy porridge) and sukuma wiki (kale).

We want to try and set up as many families in our HIV outreach as possible with a nice Christmas dinner this year. This will consist of meat or chicken, rice, vegetables, cake and tea. All of this can be purchased for a mere $15!!

Families in Kibera are living in some of the worst conditions imaginable and many can go a whole day without eating. It would mean so much to them to have a special meal on Christmas. If you would like to sponsor a family this Christmas, please go HERE and make a donation, designating it for Christmas Dinner sponsorship.

After Christmas, we will e-mail you a picture of the family you helped.

Spread the word to anyone that might be interested in helping a family in need this Christmas!

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