Monday, January 11, 2010

Counselors December Report

This month's report is pretty long and heavy, with a lot of major issues. A lot of the issues revolve around the older kids finishing school and transitioning into adulthood. We are very glad that the counselors are there to work with the kids during this time.

We are working with the counselors to set up a 2 or 3 day camp for the older kids in Feburary. It will be held somewhere away from the home and will give them time to sort out the issues that they are facing and will continue to face as they become older as well as a chance to receive advice and guidance.

Although a lot of the issues mentioned may be out of our control, we will really try and see what we can do to help the kids. Having the counselors to talk to them every week is already a big help so thank you to our donors for funding their services!

Click HERE to read their report.

Counselors are paid about $30 each ($60 total) per weekly session. If you would like to help us fund counseling for the Tunza kids through a one-time or monthly donation, go HERE.

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