Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dentists Needed!

Kathy Nikles, who has volunteered in Kibera and has been a supporter of Uweza's work recently took a volunteer trip to Arusha, Tanzania. While there, she noticed the lack of available dental care and decided to try and put together a dental volunteer program.

According to Kathy:

"They have very little dental care and the basics of equipment at best, and many simply don't have the means. Their teeth are in terrible shape and all to often their teeth are extracted for something as simply as a cavity. I've looked into existing dental programs that travel abroad, but at this time there is not one that travels to the Tanzania, ARUSHA area. So with your help I would like to put the word out there to anyone who may be interested or anyone you know who may be interested in joining a group of dentists for a short stay in the town of Arusha to volunteer their skills to the local peoples.

It would be approximately a 1-2 week stay with accommodations, meals and transport. I'm also trying to work with C.I.D.A. to see if they are able to help with this in any way, but at this point it would be a cost that would be incurred by yourselves. The date is not yet determined, but I'm asking people to get involved if possible. If this doesn't work for you, may I ask that you forward this to your dentists, friends and acquaintances. These kids and adults that I met there are absolutely lovely and precious and if we could collectively make this happen it would be such a wonderful gift to all."

If you can help or know someone who can (everyone has a dentist!), you can email Kathy at

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