Tuesday, August 17, 2010

July Counseling Report

Click HERE to read the most recent report from our counselors.

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Bubbe Lindy said...

Dear Collins and Becky,
I had a chance to visit with Meghann while she was home and I just wanted you toknow that she tells all how wonderfully dedicated and hard working you are for the benefit of the children. I contribute monthly and will mark this month's check for $60.00 to go to you. It is not much I realize but I hope in some small way to be able to help in your retreat efforts for the students on break. Also, our church library has many movies and craft kits that I will gather up and send to you with Meghann's mom when she comes to Kibera next month. God bless you and send you the funds that you need to keep your most valuable work ongoing with the children there. We pray for you and the children of Kibera every day. Love, Lindy Thomas

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