Sunday, September 12, 2010

Counseling Retreat and August Report

On August 30, our counselors, Collins and Becky, organized a counseling retreat for the kids at Tunza Children's Center in City Park in Nairobi.

From their August report:

"We managed to take 56 kids plus one helper (Mike) and Mama Tunza to the Nairobi City Park. We got a 62 seater passenger bus for transport from Kibiko to the park and back conveniently. We also managed to pay for the park fees and we had enough snacks and drinks for the kids.

Moreover, we had a beautiful programme for the day. In the morning sessions up to lunch hour we divided the kids into two groups with the help of two other professional counsellors (Susan and Anne). The topics for the morning sessions were: Relationships (family relationships, requirements for healthy family relationships, boy/girl relationships, what values to embrace to pursue purity of life, creating relationship boundaries), Self Confidence (self esteem and believing in self and its advantages), Self Management and Self Control (controlling the minds, what to watch and time management).

In the afternoon, the programme included: Team building activities and sporting activities where the kids were exposed to competing games and awards given for the winner as well as the kid who participated in many games was awarded with a book. The games were meant to compliment the morning sessions topics. We also enhanced the essence of unity and brotherhood in the team building activities.

We culminated the day with in house rules on the way forward as we look forward for another moment like that. The kids were very happy and appreciated the sponsorship and made a request to have such events at least every holiday if possible. Thank you very much for your continued support we would not have made it without your support."

Read the entire August Counseling report here.

Pictures of the retreat have been posted in the photo gallery on our website:

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