Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kenya and Kibera Current Issues Series - Week 2!

This week I’ve put together a mixed bag of links--so much coverage of Kenya and Africa is negative, so I try to collect links which reflect not only the struggles but also the achievements and limitless energy of the people. I hope that you enjoy the links, and I look forward to any feedbacks and suggestions.

• Kenya has shown improvements in health care and gender equality, but continues to suffer from large-scale corruption, poor infrastructure, and a failing education system, according to the 2010 Ibrahim Index of African Governance country rankings, which were released earlier this week. Learn more about Kenya’s performance in the Ibrahim Index and read an op-ed from Mo Ibrahim himself, a Sudanese telecommunications mogul on a mission to improve governance in Africa.

• Uweza isn’t the only organization to recognize the importance of sports and recreation as a tool for development. On the sidelines of the 19th Commonwealth Games, currently underway in Delhi, India, various officials are meeting to discuss the role of sports in achieving key development goals. Learn more about “Why Sport for Development Matters.”

• According to a recent Human Rights Watch report, most children in Kenya who have illnesses like HIV/AIDS and cancer cannot access pain medicine. Watch this short video about Jethro, a five-year-old from Kibera who was HIV-positive but did not receive the pain medicine he desperately needed before his death.

• The lack of adequate water and sanitation systems in the slums of Nairobi contributes to the spread of diseases like malaria, typhoid, and cholera. Read more about the connection between public health and sanitation here.

• Could the next winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature be a Kenyan? Novelist and activist Ngugu wa Thi’ongo is currently bookmakers’ favorite to be the next Nobel Laureate in literature. This thoughtful article talks about Wa Thi’ongo’s accomplishments and how literature can be a powerful catalyst for development.

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