Friday, December 3, 2010

Soccer Program Update and New Team Photos

Our Soccer Program has been growing rapidly and we now have 160 boys who have signed Uweza contracts of commitment to the team as well as 25 girls. Because the players are currently on break from school, the teams have been holding practice every day. The Points Program is still ongoing and prizes will be awarded in January. We have invested a lot of resources and funding into the program in recent weeks, purchasing new uniforms, goal posts for all of the teams, shoes and socks, and renting the field on Sundays (in addition to Friday and Saturdays). We have also hired three new coaches. The players have noticed and are having a great time being able to come and play every week.

Here are some pictures of the teams in their new Uweza uniforms:

Uweza Girls Team

Uweza Under 14 Team

Uweza Under 12 Team

Uweza Under 10 Team

Here is a video of the Uweza Under-12 team cheering on the Uweza Under-10 team as they play in a match against another team from Kibera. Uweza won the match 3-0.

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