Saturday, January 15, 2011

2010 Thank You Video!

At the end of every year, we create a summary video to thank our supporters and give a better idea of how funds were spent over the course of the year.

Watch the new 2010 video here and thank you so much for your continued support!!

(2009 video)
(2008 video)

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Bubbe Lindy said...

Dear Meg and Jenn,
I loved this video! It shows all of the aspects that we need to see as supporters. I will try to get it shown at adult Sunday School. Praying f or you and the good works you are doing in Kibera. You truly are blessings to those you serve. I know the work is difficult and sometimes lonely but you know you are where God wants you and doing what HE wants done. May he bless you richly and also those wonderful counsilors you are working with and of course dear Daniel too. Love you all, LINDY

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