Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cyrus Update

We have written in the past about Cyrus, an 18 year old from Kibera who went blind after consuming methylated spirit in 2008 when he was 16. Cyrus has made tremendous strides in his recovery in the past two years. Although he will permanently remain unable to see, he has adapted well to every day life and has high hopes of attending university and becoming a lawyer.

He is currently sponsored through Uweza and attending the Thika School for the Blind (pictured below), located about 45 minutes outside of Nairobi. He will finish Class 8 this year, graduate primary school and move on to a high school. He will be able to continue on to high school if his grades are high enough and can complete his studies in braille.

We went to visit Cyrus at his boarding school last Saturday and found him in good spirits and doing well. The school contains a computer learning center with over 30 computers where children are taught how to use computers with a visual impairment. All of the teachers were very complimentary of Cyrus, his performance in school, and his good nature. He is able to navigate the curved pathways of the school without his walking cane and has memorized every curve in the path and knows exactly where each building is at at all times.

Although it is extremely tragic for Cyrus to have lost his sight at such a young age, we are proud of him for making the best of the situation and grateful to everyone who has supported him.

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