Friday, April 22, 2011

Letters from Students

Our sponsored students write the most adorable letters to their sponsors. I wanted to take the time so share some excerpts from their most recent letters.

"I want to thank you for paying school fees, trip, books, pens, pencils, uniform, bags and my medical treatments. I hope God will help me to continue the work that you are doing. Will you come to visit us one day? Thank you!!"

"I have not received any letter from you. What's the reason? Can't you spare a few minutes once a month to write for me a letter? I am fine and wish you the same."

"I was number thirty-five with three hundred and ten marks. I was very happy and I have missed you very much. I want you to come."

"Greetings can be heard but a smile cannot be seen. How are you? I hope that you are doing well and fine and here in Kenya we are doing well and fine. I am going on well with studies in school and I was promoted to standard eight and I am doing my best to achieve my goal in my studies."

"I thank you for everything that I have been given, everything that I want. I like going to school better and home. I thank you for everything. Good bye. I love you all, even all sponsors."

Our sponsored students who are not yet able to write have made drawings of an elephant, a rat, several flowers, a car, a hut, an airplane, and a dog with a speech bubble saying "I think I like to tell you to be praying for me."

We still have several children (including Tifanny pictured below) in need of sponsors. If you are interested, check out If you are currently sponsoring a child, your sponsorship packet (including these letters) will be in the mail in a few weeks!

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