Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Third Soccer Prize Giving Day

Uweza held our 3rd Uweza Soccer Program Prizegiving Day this past Sunday, which awarded educational prizes to all of the players on our teams from under 8 years old to 18 years of age, including girls. Uweza holds prizegiving day for our soccer program at the end of each school term, three times a year. This Prizegiving Day was particularly special this time because it was the first time we invited the parents to attend with their children.

The day went amazing with many of our kids being accompanied to the field by their parents for the first time! The day started with the finals round of the U-18 league, with the coaches jumping in as one
team for good fun. The parents were cheering on for the players as they wrapped up their final matches for the term.

After the tournament finished, all the parents and children piled into the meeting hall to have refreshments and begin the prize awarding. At the end of the awards, each child who had been a dedicated Uweza player had received something toward their education. The top prizes for the most dedicated players included school uniforms, school shoes, and book bags while other players received school exercise books and pen sets. In addition, each coach brought up each and every player in front of the parents to say something about each one of them before being released back to their seats.

By attending prizegiving, parents were able to see the educational rewards that their child received from dedication, discipline and effort in the Uweza Soccer Program. In addition, they learned more about our organization and heard firsthand through speeches by players at the end, the impact the program was having on their children. All in all, the day was a great success!

More photos have been posted in a gallery here: http://uweza.org/gallery/mayprizegiving.html

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