Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Uweza Soccer Team Away Match

Our soccer kids have been training hard Monday through Sunday for the
last month during the school break of April where all school kids in
Kenya remain out of school. For the last week of their training
sessions before the start of school, Uweza provided funding for all of
our teams to attend a day of matches outside of Kibera to gain
exposure outside of the slums they live in. The kids traveled to
Githurai, roughly 45 minutes outside of the city and far from Kibera,
for a great day of fun, food and soccer.

We had around 130 kids in attendance and included all of our teams
from Under 8 to Under 18, and even our girls team. The kids had a ton
of fun as they met in the morning around 7am to begin traveling to the
match in two large buses, which were even equipped with tvs and music
for all to enjoy.

The kids had a full audience, as members of the community in Githurai
came to cheer on their home teams along the sidelines. Uweza players
had their own fanbase, as the girls and Under 8 teams did not have
matches, but instead came for moral support. The Uweza teams
performed well with our younger teams winning their matches! After the
games, the teams were treated to all they could eat lunch in the area
before returning to Kibera. The day ended with their return home to
Kibera—happy for their wins, full of food, and rested after their naps
on the bus on their way home.

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