Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Life for Girls in Kibera

Last week, we started a three-week session of counseling classes at the Community Center. Becky has been working with boys and girls ages 9 and up and exploring topics such as self-esteem, strengths and weaknesses, and the changes that come with puberty.

As a homework assignment, the girls wrote essays about their lives and they provide a glimpse into what life is like for girls growing up in Kibera.

Essay #1: Football Team

I am thirteen years old and in Standard Six. Before I join the football team I was feeling lonely at home. I was just playing with my friends. The time reached one of my friends came and told me there is a team of Football girls. She told me I go and join the Football team. The first day I was afraid of playing. I did not know if I can play Football. The time reached I continue practising Football and now I know how to play Football.

Essay #2: A Journey To My Life

It was a chilly morning when our class teacher told us to imagine if our life will end up in a miserable life. And I was wondering if my life will end up while I shall have my both parents. By good luck, my dear Lord has just blessed me with both my parents Mother and Father and a family of three brothers and two sisters.

One day my aunt told me to visit her at her house. I reached there and she told me that to tell her my Ambition. I told her that when I grow up I will be a lawyer. And God will be with me for ever in my family got that they were my beloved parents, I hugged them and I was so happy not different from a king in his palace.

Essay #3: A Journey by My Life

It was the year two thousand and seven when I was in Class Three my father dead and then my life is not bad but one thing that I see hard when my father dead I see only one thing that every body has his father but me I don't have my father so that my life is hard but I concentrate with everything that I am doing. But when I was growing up then my mother also dead when I was in class four but I have stress of two weeks but the next week all the stress that I have gone away until now I was in class seven on the year two thousand and eleven.

But right now I am staying with my brother but he is not the first born, the first born is not staying here in Nairobi, he is staying at home with my last brother and me I am staying with the second born and me I am the last born at our home...and the time I am right now my life is very nice and I am happy with every body on our house but the [school] fees is problem.

Essay #4: Untitled

I was born in 1998, at that time my parents did not have money to take me to school and to buy food for us to eat and inside the house we did not have chairs, table, television and any other things. We can turned to pray. As for me, I was very sad because others were very rich and get food every day and eat and sleep but us we just sleep because we did not have food!

But my father and mother always talk to me never ever cry my child, one day God will bless us, he is not sleeping he is seeing us. After that my life started changing and we were getting food and somewhere to sleep until now we were very happy and healthy.

Essay #5: My Life

I'm coming from a family of seven children. I'm coming from a very suffered family. I can't say suffering because we are not suffering now. It was all over. We used to live a life of terrible things, even the school fees was a very big money to pay. And my dad searched a cheaper school for him to be able to pay. I worked hard focusing to something. I never cared about my problems. I prayed and worked hard at school just to get what I wanted and by a good luck, God heard my prayer and sent a sponsor.

And that is where my way began to open. It was very hard for her to transfer me to another school. But she managed to transfer me to the school where I'm now at. She paid everything for me until where I am now. A month later, my father found a job and all our dreams began coming true. And now our problems are over. We are focusing to a wonderful dream.

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