Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting Motivated

by Mary Ngoya

The day started well as the students turned up in good number. Thomas Bwire the journalism teacher arrived at the center with Victor Muturi who is one of the radio presenters at Pamoja FM, a local
community radio station based in Kibera.

After having done our weekly press review of getting a chance to read the day’s newspaper, it was an opportunity for Muturi to speak to us on how to become a good journalist. He did mention that working hard is the backbone of every success.  He encouraged us to take our studies seriously and work with lots of determination.

Part of his presentation touched on research in order to get to know your target audience well, and this can only be achieved by one’s interest in knowing current issues that your audience feels attached to. “One has to be courageous to tackle day to day issues that affect our people, sometimes you are forced to report from an accident scene of the occurrence” noted Muturi.

We were also informed of the importance of reading newspapers as they are also good source of information for both local and international news.  Another element tackled was the need to be creative, so as you can be ahead of the pack and be able to know how to approach situations as they come across.

Even though journalism is a good field that many people would like to envy, it also comes with some challenges. Criticism is big issues from some of the listeners who call so say their songs requests were not played not understanding that there was a time limit of all songs requested to be played. Power blackout sometimes leaves the audience in the dark when power goes off and the generator available runs out of fuel. One last challenge faced by some of presenters is insecurity especially for the ones who report to duty early morning or leave late in the evening as the sometimes fall prey to robbers.

At the end of the session, we got an opportunity to ask questions which were answered. A true inspiration from Muturi and hope everyone got inspired as we now remain knowledgeable of what the market out there has to offer.

Mary Ngoya is 16 years old and is joining Form Four (the last year of high school) at Ahero Girls High School next year. She is a member of Uweza's Journalism Club.

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