Thursday, December 8, 2011

Intern Blogging - Second Post

by William Ochieng

The week has been very busy to me and I have learned a lot of things.

First of all, I met parents at the office to fill the sponsorship forms for those who were absent during the meeting. They came in a good number and we served them diligently.  From the parents perspective as they talked they want to see their sons and daughters to have a better life in future and its through education that they can achieve their goals, thus education is vital in the society.

I have also started taking pictures for membership cards for children registered in the center which will be updated in the course of time.  This will enable faster tracing of the child's background.

Also we went to Ishankai Medical Group with fellow staff and we were briefed by the Doctor on what was required. From the briefing I got, I learned that a child’s health is more important and can help them excel in the classroom. Through better medical health care, children are free from diseases which can hinder their education.

I have been helping other fellow staff member Mathew with the sorting of Sponsorship files so as to speed the flow of work for the organization in meeting its objectives. I also accompanied Mathew to the Chemist to sign contract for purchase of drugs.

I have made sure that the records of Kibera Agenda 4 Business Savings are computerized to enable easy tracking of documents to ensurer fast flow of their activities without much hesitation.  My ambition for Agenda is to see it grow from small to big entrepreneurs and be recognized in the country.

Also I have been involved in helping Agenda to track loans held by the members that are due.  Through repayment of loans, other people can borrow and uplift their fellow human beings to boost their standard of living.

William is studying community development at The Kenya Polytechnic University College in Nairobi and has been interning with Uweza since October.  Read his first blog entry here.

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