Sunday, December 18, 2011

Intern Blogging - Third Post

by William Ochieng

During the past week William Moi (Uweza Program Manager), Mathew (Uweza Sponsorship Coordinator) and I went for home visits for children under the sponsorship program.  We encountered various challenges on the way like poor drainage leading to children homes and bad weather i.e alot of mud on the corridor. At the home visits i took photographs of children at their homes.  At last, we managed the tasks and completed the work and it was successful.

I have also been involved in preparation of financial statement of Kibera Agenda as they wind up their activities this year.  I also have doing some office work like scanning of documents

Lessons learned
  • Before you tackle a task or problem a person must get prepared and plan.  'Failure to plan is plan to fail'.
  • The home visit is important as it helps to know the psychological, emotional attitude of children while under their parent's care.
  • I also noticed that that through the visit children express their gratitude to the organization and try to work hard in school to get gifts for high marks,  which motivates the organisation to cater for their school needs and health needs.
  • Through home visits one can know the percentage a parent takes in looking of children while at home to inquire their social,physical and emotional growth
  • Through proper management, a group finds the level of accountability and transparency is increased.

William is studying community development at The Kenya Polytechnic University College in Nairobi and has been interning with Uweza since October. 

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