Monday, December 12, 2011

Kenya at 48

by Dorcas Kirwai

This is the day Kenya attained its independence. The holiday takes its name from a Swahili
word “Jamhuri” meaning a republic. It’s one of the important days observed in the Kenyan calendar of
national holidays celebrated on December 12th.

Today Kenya turned 48 years after its independence from the Mau Mau,(Mzungu aende Ulaya Mwafrika
apate Uhuru), accredited for Kenyans independence in 1963,that was led by our Founding father the late
Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

Today’s main ceremony was held at Nyayo National Stadium and also observed in other provincial’s
levels across the country where the final speech of the president is normally read by the Provincial
Commissioners (PC).

In Nairobi security was beefed and those intending to attend the ceremony at Nyayo National Stadium
were advised to be seated by 10am latest. As I watched the television most people at the stadium had
several thoughts of issues they would have loved addressed by their local leaders, ranging from the on-
going military operation called Linda Nchi in Somalia in the fight against Al-shabaab to the current doctor’s

Shortly after 11.20am, the president Hon Mwai Kibaki was driven into the full packed stadium in a
military land rover meant for the chief of the general staff. The first lady Lucy Kibaki was present too.

The ceremony started with prayers as the master of ceremony took centre stage, followed by the
military parade passing the presidential dias, entertainment from different musical groups and several
gospel singers were also awarded an opportunity to showcase their presentations with themes focusing
on the big day.

The show stopper was the President’s speech which part of it featured some of the problems facing
the country. The President focused on the need for peace by the politicians in the next coming general
elections to be held next year and also urged for further dialogue with the doctors to resume work as
they are on strike demanding a 300% pay rise.

That’s all I had for today as I wanted the world to read my first story as requested by our journalism
teacher Thomas Bwire about my experience of Jamhuri day celebrations, during our Friday class at the
center where I volunteered to write a story about this special day for Kenyans.
Dorcas Kirwai is 12 years old and will be entering Class 6 (6th Grade) in January 2012.  She is  a member of the Uweza Journalism Club.

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