Thursday, December 15, 2011

Painting for a passion

By Thomas Bwire

As you walk into the Uweza Center premises, once easily notices the blue paint all
over, a welcoming color indeed of calmness. With the rains gone now, the afternoon scorching sun
shone brightly from above. I dropped by the center this afternoon to get to interact with the Art Fun Club of the Uweza Foundation with a mission to get to know what it takes to be in the club.

I sneaked in silently into one of the classes that hosts activities at the center, and was mesmerized by
what I saw here. The art class pupils were all on their own and everyone was busy working on their art
work. Some sat on the benches, while others had their art work hanged on the walls, and for some the
table provided a good working space.

Noticing that no one was saying Hey to me, as they were all glued to their paintings, I quickly stepped in
to say hello to everyone in the room.

I got to interview a few as they carried on with their work, the first one to catch my attention was
Caroline Kibiego aged 11 years who attends school at Raila Educational Center .“What motivates you
in what you are doing?” I posed this question to her. She takes few moments and smiles back as she
composes herself.”Uuuuh I want to be an artist because it can be a source of income one day”

Next on line is Paul Kimani aged 14years old. His passion for the painting is that, painting makes him
feel better and that he loves to paint stuff like houses. For a 13 year old Timothy Nyabuto from Jamhuri
primary school he loves to paint to have fun, to remember what he was doing for amazement and also
for historical display that many generations to come later can be able to see his work at later years to

Aisha Akinyi aged 14 years old says that her passion is to get extra money if her paintings were to be
bought, then she could have some savings for her future University studies upon completion of high
school studies.

As I left the center I felt more motivated, having learned one virtue of discovering one’s talent and having
the passion to nurture it and see it grow. Parents too have a role to play by motivating
and giving their support to these youngsters so as the birth of this noble idea remains today,
tomorrow and for many years to come.

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