Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome to the new interns

by Thomas Bwire

The Uweza family is gradually growing and we are happy to introduce to you two of our new interns who reported to the center located along Karanja road in Kibera this Wednesday morning.

Meet Mukami Kibaara and Vivian Njeri, both are law students at the Jomo Kenyatta University. Hardly had the day passed and it was all systems go, as two found a task to be undertaken in the administrative office by digitizing the office manual records into the system.

A brief chat with Mukami revealed that they had met with Jennifer Sapitro, Uweza's Managing Director the previous week at one of the girl’s forum and got to know about Uweza Foundation. While conversations took center stage, the two also inquired more how they could join the Uweza family, and that’s when Jennifer offered them the opportunity.

I did ask her the kind of new skills she would like to bring on board and. She smiles a little, then getting composed she answers back. “I want to mentor the girl child, walk with them, and make them understand who they are.” says Mukami. “That’s awesome,” I tell her back and wish her well.

Next is Vivian Njeri whom you could easily be mistaken that she is our office assistant if you were a first timer visitor. Sitting behind the office computer, she is digitizing some of the important documents that had been hand written for easier accessibility and also safe keeping of these records.

Her take is that she is happy to have gotten this opportunity to work in the Kibera community, get to know the target group involved and that by the end of the day, she looks forward to attaining some knowledgeable skills that can be ploughed back to the community.

And with that brief chat with the two new interns, we called it a day. Be on the lookout in our up-coming blogs where by more news on our new interns will be posted regarding their progress.

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