Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cyrus Begins High School

Blog readers who have been following Uweza for the last few years now know Cyrus and his story. For those of you unfamiliar, Cyrus is a 20 year-old student who has been sponsored through Uweza since 2009. Cyrus became blind in 2008 as a result of methanol poisoning.   Due to the generosity of donors, Uweza helped Cyrus to receive emergency care at Nairobi Hospital and likely saved Cyrus' life. Unfortunately, the care provided could not save his sight.

 In 2009, sponsored by Mark and Brad from Australia, Cyrus restarted his education at a technical school for the blind. He learned how to read and write braille in preperation for starting Class 7 (7th grade) in 2010. He had been in Class 8, a month away from take the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam and graduating primary school when the accident occurred. Cyrus restarted his primary school education at Thika School for the Blind in 2010.  He had to return to Class 7 before moving on to Class 8.

Last year, three years after his accident, he was able to take the KCPE exam. He received 234 out of 500, which is very impressive considering that he had only recently learned to read and write in braille. He was invited to two high schools and chose to attend St. Lucy's Secondary School for the Visually Impaired. The school is located just outside of Meru town, about a four hour bus ride from downtown Nairobi.

 Yesterday, Mathew (Uweza's Sponsorship Coordinator) and I dropped Cyrus off at his new school, with a new school uniform and all of the supplies he needs for the first term. Cyrus is very excited to be starting high school and is extremely dedicated to his education. Despite what has happened to him in his life, he remains positive and determined and has a great sense of humor about his situation. We expect great things from him and wish him the best as he starts a new chapter of his life. Thanks so much to Uweza's donors for your support of Cyrus since 2008 and to Mark and Brad for continuing to support his education.

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