Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kibera Women Learn About Film Making

by Rebecca Musanga

Monday afternoon presented an opportunity for young women to come together at Hot Sun Foundation and learn about film making. Hot Sun, an NGO, is located near Olympic Estate and home to both Kibera TV and Kibera Film School. The Film School offers hands-on film training to 12 youth per year from substandard housing throughout Nairobi. After touring the NGO’s facilities, 14 young women sat down and discussed the importance and struggles of females in film making.

Participants tour Hot Sun Foundation

Applications for the film school were initially due February 29th, 2012. However, Pamela Collett, trustee and curriculum organizer for Kibera Film School, said the admission committee is suspending application reviews until more ‘committed and passionate’ women apply.  Collett said many female students at Kibera Film School don’t concern themselves in class and/or don’t use their education after graduation.

Participants watch past Film School students' short films

Faith Wavinya is a 2009 graduate. She came to the discussion to speak on her success since leaving Kibera Film School.  Wavinya came from Kibera, and with the support of her single mother, she became a professional video editor for the popular show ‘Changes’. She offered advice to the eager crowd of women and said, “What drives my life is to give the best in whatever I do, with patience and obedience.”

Faith Wavinya, a 2009 graduate, talks about her path to success

Rebecca Musanga and Joyce Nyangasi of Uweza’s Journalism Club were participants.  Rebecca said, “I got from Faith…that the other women in her program were held back by responsibilities at home…most of the young women would look down upon themselves and imagine some careers are not necessarily meant for them so they end up leaving it up for men.”

Still Hot Sun feels they are not reaching women. Collett asked the participants, “How can we reach women who will be passionate about Film?” Most participants said they had never heard of Hot Sun Foundation.

Participants offer advice on how to reach women in Kibera

Rebecca proposes solutions like advertising on Facebook and in high school clubs. One participant, Max, said “so many youths fall into idleness after school. That’s maybe when you need to advertise to them.”

Collett ended the presentation by asking the participants to spread the word about Kibera Film School and repeated to the young women again and again, “What a man can do a woman can do better.”

Rebecca Musganga is 18 years old and an Uweza Journalism Club member. She graduated from Ngara Girls High School last November and is currently awaiting her KCSE results.

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