Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reporting Local News

by Thomas Bwire

It’s a Sunday afternoon, and at the center is the Uweza journalism club undertaking their Sunday sessions. The turn-out is not that bad as majority of the members are here.

First things first, the session starts with getting to know each other, since we do have a few new  faces present today.  This is how it was done, two people paired together and asked their partners what their names are for a duration of 2 minutes then report back the person’s name to the whole members.  Later on, it was time for newspaper review where each member gets time to read through the day’s newspaper to get familiar with current news affairs both locally and internationally.

 Today’s session was one of the unique ones, as members present had an opportunity to report local news of the current events that had taken place in their community the past week.  The exercise required that they write down their story on piece of papers and read them aloud in front of the members.

When she stood up, Lydia Olendo reported a compelling story, that local Kibera residents were experiencing water shortage in Makina village which resulted in a high cost of this essential commodity. Long queues of women were seen as early as 4:00 a.m.  The water vendors had a field day as they hiked their prices from normal 3 shillings for a 10 liter jerrican to 10 shillings.

Lydia Olendo
Rebecca Musanga reported the on-going story about a fire that has now consumed trees worth 8 billion Kenyan Shillings on Mt.Kenya since last week.  Efforts are still being undertaken to contain it by regular administration police,  Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and volunteers whom have been reported to lack enough fire fighting equipments.

Rebecca Musanga
Boys too were not left out, as Nicholas Gisemba was able to report his story on a fire that gutted down some houses in Laini Saba area, one of the villages in Kibera. The cause of the fire was not yet established yet, and he promised that he would give us an update the coming week if any new development arises.
Nicholas Gisemba
 There you have it, day one of verbal reporting from the journalism club members, an exercise that is gradually giving them confidence in reporting local news from their community.

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