Monday, March 5, 2012

Uweza FC and Kibera Golden Stars end match in a draw

by Thaddeus Otieno

The day started on a good side as the boys had some energy in readiness for the game to be played at Woodley soccer field. The sun shone high above the blue sky and dressed in the orange color uniform, our team Uweza FC stole a few seconds by praying while  holding each other’s shoulders to wish themselves luck on the pitch.

Their opponents Kibera Golden Stars team, dressed in purple, did their prayer as a symbol of faith of wishing themselves luck in this game.

In no time, the referee blew the whistle, and off the game started for the next 45 minutes. Both teams had opportunities here and there as players from each side tried hitting the target to get the most crucial needed three points.

The first half went so fast that if one was watching the game, you could be easily be mistaken that the referee had eaten some of the time. The scores were nil nil and both teams got advices from their team coaches.

Come the second half, both teams wanted to win points and a minute into the play, Kibera Golden Stars were awarded a penalty after Uweza FC defender Dennis Odhiambo was hit by the ball mistakenly on his hand  near the goal post thus giving their opponents  a penalty kick. In a flash the ball hit the net after a hard kick by the Kibera Golden Stars player.

Our boys' spirits did not fall down as s few of the spectators kept encouraging them to keep on with the play focused. The game went on and both teams struggled to outdo each other on the pitch.

Less than 10 minutes before the match came to an end, luck knocked in favor of Uweza FC following a substitute when Collins (famously known as “Matei” by his team members) was brought into the game replacing Ramadhan. Moments thereafter, a cross came from Erick Ondimu to Charles Omondi. Charles did not miss the crucial opportunity and scored a goal for Uweza FC.

At the end of the match, both teams shared one point each, in this senior league for both participating teams in the Nairobi county zone league.

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Thaddeus Otieno is 18 years old and is in his third year of high school at Highway Secondary School in Nairobi. He has been an active member of the Uweza FC senior soccer team since 2009.


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