Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Handy photography tips

by Thomas Bwire

Last Sunday, the Uweza journalism club had an introductory photography session meant to give them new skills of being able to tell stories through the lens. The cold and chill weather did not deter some of my students who showed up for our Sunday routine class despite the heavy downpour just a few minutes before 2pm in the afternoon.

The lesson was interesting as I took the students present into understanding the basics of what a good photo entails. First they got to learn that all great pictures have something in common, they are well composed.

Some of the handy tips that were also shared included learning about framing a photo using the rule of thirds and to give a better understanding of what your photo is talking about.

And all in all some few practicals were applied by the present members on day one of their photography lesson.  Each participant had an opportunity to take a few photos of anything of their choice.

Here are some of their photos:

Club members Dorcas, Douglas, and Samuel

Club member Douglas Momanyi
Club member Samwel Samunya

Bananas trees outside the Uweza center
The session came to an end with a parting shot that, “a good picture is worth a thousand words.”  Check out for more updates and photos taken by some of the club members in our coming blogs.

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