Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Hike to Ngong Hills

by Jenipher Awour

Sunday 22nd April was a day that we had all waited for in anxiety for the much hyped hike to Ngong Hills. During our Friday journalism class, our teacher Mr. Thomas had asked that everyone keep time and arrive at the center by 8am or else the team will leave without you for the trip. Upon my arrival at the center, most of the other club members had already arrived. All looked jovial for the day ahead.

Shortly before our departure, we had all our names taken down for easier identity of how many people were present. We sat in one of the classes as we waited for the matatu and a few minutes past 8.30am the matatu crew arrived and wasting no time we all rushed and boarded. Just before our departure Rebecca prayed for our safe trip and back.

In no time, we drove off and our first stop was at one of the shopping malls along Ngong Road and Teacher Thomas and Teacher Harriet hurried to purchase a few more snacks for the group. Upon their return, we drove off once more and only making a small stop over at Race Course bus stop to pick Nicholas one of our members too. Within half an hour of driving we all arrived at the entry gate to the Ngong Hills and waited for an entry fee to be paid and once this was done, we all rolled our sleeves and started walking towards the hills. The green scenery of the landscape looked like  laid carpet on the ground. Everyone looked fresh with strong energy as no one knew how far we had to walk up the hills.

We all walked as a group and made it past the first second and the third hill. The task came ahead upon our arrival on the fourth hill where all the energy was all gone and majority of the members opted that we all rest. While resting it was time to have a bit of one of the snacks known as amigos, which are yellow in color soft when eaten. Once done, we made another one more climb to the fifth and sixth hill and from the top one easily enjoy the larger landscape beneath and a few of tall buildings at the capital city of Nairobi faintly seen from far.

Eating time
Having had enough rest, a few suggestions were put forward that we proceed to the next hill. Aisha Mohammed quickly pointed out that she was tired and could not climb another hill,  “Hey guys, let’s just go up one more time,” Nicholas told us.  His sentiment that was quickly echoed by Dominic Arasa.  “Yes yes lets go up people!” But the look on people’s faces they all said it all. "If you go up, just leave me with all your sodas here," said teacher Thomas.  "Yes you will still find us here," added teacher Harriet.

Nicholas Gisemba leading team members
 At this point we all agreed to stay and have our lunch. A few jokes were tossed among some groups here and there as we sat into four groups enjoying our meal. Later on we had fun games that everyone enjoyed, and each member also got an opportunity to practice their few learned photography skills by taking a few photos as requested by our teacher.

Club members having fun

Time flew so fast that we didn’t realize that it was time to start walking back down the six hills again.  This time it was more fun as we all knew we were going back to our starting point and not ahead to the seventh hill. This time round, we didn’t walk as a group as some of the members walked ahead with teacher Harriet while a few of us walked behind with teacher Thomas.

After all had assembled at the entry gate, we stole a few moments taking a group photo to remember our hike to Ngong Hills. Now the weather was getting a little bit chilly as we all waited for our matatu to come pick us back home. What a day well spent and I really enjoyed myself just like my other friends in our journalism club.

Group photo of the Journalism Club

Jenipher Awuor, pictured here with Journalism Club Instructor Thomas Bwire, is a Form 2 (second year) high school student at Gigiri Lions Secondary School.  She is a member of the Uweza Journalism Club. 

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Emily said...

Glad you guys are having so much fun. You all deserve it after your hard work in Journalism CLub

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