Friday, April 27, 2012

Life Skills

by Everlyne Nzilani

It was 26th of April on Thursday in the afternoon at one of our weekly journalism club meetings.  Becky Gitau, our life skills teacher for the day, took charge of our class following a request from our journalism teacher Thomas to take us through a life skills session. We all were eager to all learn something new and after introductions of the new teacher to us by our teacher Thomas, we were all left behind to learn with Aunty Becky.

Upon greeting us once more, Aunty Becky asked us to introduce ourselves so as she could know us better. “Life skills are skills which help us cope with our day to day life,” she told us. All of us sitting attentively on the brown benches gave a listening ear to as she embarked to help impart knowledge on life skills especially to us young people. Her session was very interactive, considering the topic of the day.

Students enjoying the life skills lesson
 We were able to be taught about life goals that each of us should have, and this was defined as, “things we want to achieve in life.”  As the session went on, we all were requested to ask ourselves who we are, and what we want in our lives, and for a moment, the room went dead silent as a grave, as each one of us went into deep thoughts thinking of what possible answer to give back.

Thereafter, we were introduced to a new word, “productivity” which means to be someone in life, and it’s also self awareness. We are able to get a better understanding of the word productivity and moved further on how to make better decisions in life.

These are some of the key points when making decisions in life:
  • Take time to think about the problem
  • Think of the negative and positive effects of your decision 
  • And learning how to make your own decision no matter what happens in life.
We realized how fast time flew as the day’s session came to an end with some pledges of more such sessions with Aunty Becky whom I found to be very resourceful in what we had learned today. I shared with some of my friends that it was better we had the session before our journalism class for the day which now makes me think and view things differently.

Everlyne is a member of the Uweza Journalism  Club.  She is in class eight at Ayany Primary School.

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