Sunday, April 15, 2012

Uweza and Barclay’s Fun Day

by Thomas Bwire

Saturday 14th gave the Uweza soccer family the chance to gather together at the Toi primary school. Upon our arrival at midday, we found the coaches marking the soccer pitch in readiness for the final event slotted to take place in the afternoon.

The weather looked sunny, though we anticipated that the rains would surprise us in the afternoon as the dark clouds above the skies said it all. Time flew so fast that in no time the empty soccer pitch got filled up with kids from the soccer program. Part of the pitch was a white mounted tent and seats nicely arranged for the visitors whom we all anticipated anxiously.

Once everyone was assembled, the team coaches arranged their teams according to house colors so as to participate in the days activities meant to let all participants relax and have fun. The visitors did arrive on time and were warmly welcomed by Charles Kaindi, team manager of the soccer program and his assistant David Otieno.

Shortly after everyone got settled, each house team was asked to send two participants for the first sport of sack racing. The sport required participants to run towards the empty sacks and wear them as they jump back to the start line. Once all the participants were ready,”prrrrr” goes the whistle from Under-12 coach Joash Ngaira and indication for the first lot to run fast as lightening and pick their sacks and jump back. “Yes yes yes,” the crowd went wild as they cheered their favorite participants. Shirley Ann Den Houter of Barclays also gave her best she could during the sack race while art instructor Joseph Wanderi was tasked to record all teams’ scores that were to be reported at the end of all the activities.

 Next activity into the program was everyone’s favorite, the dancing competition, here the DJ had took charge by giving music of choice to the dancers selected to represent their houses. Upon receiving their cue to start the dance, all showcased what they are made of as all kind of dancing styles were showcased. This took a while and one of the Barclays staff George Wandera was the judge and was tasked to eject those not up to the audience standards. Some of the Barclays staff too did their jig alongside the kids. After several rounds we all had a winner who beat everyone. “And the winner is Mohamed Kilonzo” announced Team Manager Charles amid shouts of joy as “Moha” famously known by his peers carried him shoulder high praising him.

Last activity on the day’s program was the seven aside mini tournament that took 10 minutes of fulltime game and each team had 7 players. Time flew so fast as the games were interesting to watch. The teams had a mixture of players both male and female and not forgetting some of the Barclays staff present. The teams showed their prowess and they had to end at the penalty stage where the goals scored made the difference at the end of the day.

The grand time came when the Uweza Soccer Academy received generous donation of soccer balls, cones, a new pump, and first aid equipment for the soccer team to help them in their league and performance.

The task ahead is for our soccer teams to show what they are made of in their coming matches.

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