Saturday, May 5, 2012

Family Reunion

by Lydiah Olendo

Uweza sponsorship students had something to smile about last Sunday when they had their monthly meeting at the center. Their expectations were high as it all read on their smiley faces. Each of them, dressed smartly, sat in one of the classrooms waiting eagerly for Mathew Muema, Uweza's Sponsorship Coordinator, to finalize his interview with me as Uweza journalism club member Nicholas Gisemba took photos of the kids already present. My one on one interview with Mathew was very interesting as he got to share vital information about his group.

The group now includes about 24 primary school students under the sponsorship programme. This kind of meeting is very significant; it comes every last Sunday of the month and in normal cases meetings take place in the afternoon.

I posed a question how the sponsorship program idea was born and Mathew shared his sentiments. “The sponsorship program came about after Uweza found out a bigger gap in kids failing to attend school, since their guardians, and parents are unable to pay school fees for them.  That’s where we come in,” says Mathew.  The sponsorship program was initiated to ensure that all educational and health needs are covered for students in need from Kibera.

“When we meet at the center like today, our sessions are very interactive. Kids start by getting to know each other. interact, and have some fun games for motivational purposes as it’s not routine for them to have fun.” noted Mathew.

Sponsorship Coordinator Mathew Muema instructs the group at the start of game time
The group playing a game

I also learned that this forum offers room for academic discussions among all the students. Here they share how they fared in school the previous term and possible ways of improving in grades for the ones who are having challenges academically.

Brian Mulinge attends Olympic Primary School in Kibera and is in class four. He attained the fourth position in his class with 453 marks out of 500.  Mathew notes that Mulinge is always one of the highest performing students, though he has dropped a little bit this term.  Mulinge also admits that he’s sometimes too playful but he is working hard toward his dreams of becoming a doctor.

Vincent Otuoma is also a member of the group and attends Toi Primary School in Kibera. His target is to become a pilot one day.

Lydiah interviewing Vincent Otuoma
All said and done, the group’s meeting came to an end with some snacks shared equally to all just like one big family.

For more information on how to support a student in Kibera through the Uweza Sponsorship Program, please visit our website:

Lydiah Olendo is a member of the Uweza Journalism Club.


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