Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Brighter Tomorrow

by Thomas Bwire

It’s just after 5.30pm on a Wednesday and the children all sitting on the benches in one of the Uweza tuition classrooms look busy. Some can be seen writing part of work given by the teacher in charge. While for some, its porridge time besides having to keep up with given tasks. 

Students completing an assignment
The children are sitting on brown  wooden benches in the classroom made of iron sheets.  After looking around the classroom set up, one can easily see some of the teaching aids on manila paper neatly hanged on the wall and some hanging across the roof.

At one of the corners is the teacher Harriet Luvaga, who in charge, and she is checking through some of the books of the children present. The day’s session is meant for revision of the just concluded middle of the term exams that most of the children had done from their respective schools the previous week.

Teacher Harriet with some of her students
A chat with Trizah Achieng, a standard two student who goes to school at Kibera Primary School, reveals that she loves to come to the evening tuition program because she loves to read a lot. “Here the teacher helps me to get to know how to read better,” says Trizah.  These sentiments are also echoed by Francisa Maloba who attends school at Tunza School and is also in standard two. She also loves coming to the tuition program to get time to read and get assisted to read better.

Teacher Harriet at work
While interviewing teacher Harriet I learn that she handles classes of children from baby class up to standard three pupils. In a normal day, she has to look for a general topic that cuts across all grade levels so that it becomes easier for all the children to understand. “You need to bring your understanding to a lower level of the kids so that by the end of the day, you have one thing that can be memorable to them.  This is because most of the kids a had a long day at their respective schools .” 

The main aim of the tuition program is to help each child get better in their school grades and help with their homework so that by end of the school term, there is a slight difference in terms their grades and they have learned more from their school education.

Students enjoying a cup of porridge
This program normally runs from 4pm to 6.30pm during the week and on weekends, kids get to rest.  With Uweza’s objective, investing in the community to alleviate poverty, the future of these youngsters is gradually growing to a brighter tomorrow.

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