Friday, July 13, 2012

Do you know where to get news?

by Thomas Bwire

Having to learn about journalism in a classroom set up might be boring, as it involves a teacher standing in front of a class and lecturing the students. This time, I wanted it to be the other way around, having my students become the teachers themselves.

Well to start off the day’s session was our weekly editorial session, which lets everyone read one news story from the national newspapers then later on share it with team members.  This didn’t take long and everyone had an opportunity to share their stories which helps in getting to know a new story from the other sources. Upon finishing the first task, I divided the participants into groups and asked them to brainstorm a list of the sources of news.

"What should we write?"
Working in groups of was very interesting as the groups were comprised of people students had never before interacted with on a day to day basis, which gave the lesson a wider dimension of having to cope with new ideas and suggestions.  Once in their respective groups, the ongoing debate was also very interesting as each team put down to paper their ideas, some put stronger suggestions as others noted points written.

"Let's put our most interesting points here"
 A test of time came during their presentations as the best team was going to be rewarded for the following: clear points, good handwriting and well presented facts. The activity spurred lively discussions and debates and ended with the most convincing group winning sweets. Students were encouraged to challenge each other and ask questions. I was amazed at how knowledgeable the students were as all stronger points came from them knowing where we can get news from.

Listening to presentations and thinking of counterpoints
 A secret vote for the best presentation had to be carried out to determine the winner of the day. The winner with the many votes happened to be represented by team members of Group 2 led by Jenipher Awour. “Yeeeees we did it!” shouted group 2 team members as they all got a sweet as a way of motivating them in their presentations.

Jenipher Awuor, leader of the winning group, presents their findings
With that, the day was over as we all went back home knowing that we can all get news from our community elders, government ministers, church leaders, special occasions such as weddings, managing directors, sports events,  and many more areas.

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