Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Spotlight on Sponsorship

by Amy Auguston

Today is the last day of my visit to Kenya. I am sad to leave, but I am returning home freshly motivated and determined to advance Uweza’s mission. Seeing Uweza’s programs up close has been inspiring.

In my previous blog, I wrote briefly about meeting the two girls that I sponsor through Uweza. Spending time with the girls, visiting their homes, and meeting their families have been some of the best and most meaningful moments of my trip. I’ve also been able to meet other sponsored children and their families, and I’ve witnessed the power of the sponsorship program firsthand.

Amy with Dorcas, who she sponsors, and Dorcas' mom Beatrice
For example, one day last week, a mother of a sponsored child came to the office, her sick son in tow. He had been suffering with a bad cough and a sore throat for a few days. His mother knew that he needed medicine, but she could not afford it on her own. Uweza staff was able to send her immediately to a local chemist, where she could get medical advice and medication, paid by the Uweza sponsorship fund. If her son does not feel better soon, she can bring him to a local doctor for consultation and tests—again through the Uweza sponsorship fund. Such simple and powerful acts occur each day at the Uweza Community Center.

Uweza Sponsored students play a game at their monthly meeting
Last Sunday, I attended the monthly meeting of the sponsored children, led by Sponsorship Coordinator Mathew. At one point each child stood up and introduced him/herself, and then told the group what he/she would like to be when he/she grows up. The children spoke confidently of their dreams to become doctors, lawyers, pilots, bankers, and nurses—and it was incredible to know that Uweza is helping them to reach their goals.

Lizzy Akinyi, in Class 2, wants to be a doctor
By sponsoring a child, you help to break the cycle of poverty in Kibera. You make an investment in the health and education of an individual, and in turn strengthen the larger community of Kibera. Learn more about Uweza sponsorship and how to get involved here.

Uweza Sponsored Students

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