Monday, August 6, 2012

Discipline counts in what you do in life

She is busy and very keen when with the girls on the pitch as she gives instructions during her soccer training. As a female coach, she has the determination to nurture talent among the Uweza girls soccer teams.

Meet Coach Joyce Khoyi who has come a long way in matters of soccer on the pitch. Just last month she was selected to be the Team Manager for a girls team representing Nairobi Province in the nationwide Copa Coca Cola tournament. She had the privilege of travelling to the coastal region and leading the team against girls teams from throughout Kenya. Two of the soccer girls from Uweza Foundation were also selected to travel with her to Mombasa to represent Nairobi province. Though they lost to Mombasa province in the finals of the tournament, this did not deter them from keeping their focus.

Coach Joyce leads all age categories of girls teams for Uweza
How has she found herself in love with the ball on the pitch? Her inspiration was realized from her father who was a strong soccer player with one of the local clubs. She used to escort her father to matches, and noticed that most of the coaches were male and kept thinking to herself whether one day she can also make a name as a female coach in the country. Her love with the ball started when she worked as a coach volunteer an organization known as Vepa in Dagoretti.  Here she stayed for a period of 4 months before being taken for a course to gain more skills as a coach. There on she formed her own girl’s soccer team in the Dagoretti area.

Besides coaching, Coach Joyce also participates as a coordinator and in involved in coordinating senior teams within Dagoretti.  During our interview I did pose a question to her, “how she came about to join Uweza Foundation?”   “I joined Uweza last year in April 2011 and got myself a chance to train girls under 16 years of age,” she notes. One outstanding thing I noticed during her training session is that she starts with prayers, before anything else.

Joyce leading the girls in a prayer
“I want to empower girls and besides coaching them on how to play soccer, I also incorporate life skills in my coaching. Life in Kibera can be very challenging and there are many challenges that girls do face and if they cannot get someone they can trust to guide them right, then they will really struggle in life,” says Coach Joyce.

Instructing the girls
Her advice to girls, “discipline counts above anything else, do not be cheated because of your talent, and end up wasting your God given talents, have an objective in life and be principled in whatever you do, and remember to always thank God for your being alive.”

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