Thursday, August 23, 2012

Do you know your media?

by Rebecca Musanga and Dorcas Kirwai

Have you ever asked yourself how the news and different programs we see on TV or listen to on radio are produced? Well, people say that curiosity killed the cat but we as the Uweza Journalism Club members add to it by saying that satisfaction brought it back. On Friday 17th August 2012, we got a chance to visit Citizen TV and radio station that is under Royal Media Services. Accompanying us was Sponsorship Coordinator Mathew Muema.

Club members Lydiah and Fauzia
Unexpected drizzles kicked off the day but that did not stop our mission at all. On arrival, we were directed to a restaurant to wait for our ‘tour guide’. Everyone was a bit nervous as some shivered in the cold but nevertheless, she finally came.

Club members Nicholas and Jenipher
Before we were allowed in, we had to clean our shoes since it was muddy and hand over our cameras since we were not allowed to have them. Our tour guide, who introduced herself as Eunice, took us through the different stations as we asked her many questions.

Royal Media Services has one TV station and a total of 14 radio stations including: Bahari FM, Ramogi FM, Radio Citizen and the latest one being Radio Maa. These radio stations broadcast in different languages to reach out to as many people in Kenya.  We got a chance to meet Davis Mwambili also famously known as Mwala and Jackie famously known as Wilbroda who were also radio presenters and actors too.

Group photo
70% of citizen programs are locally produced in Kenya while the other 30% are from other countries. In the news studio, we were shown different machines used in broadcasting news e.g. the galary vision which deals with pictures to bring videos on air, master play button, a device formatted by graphics, (VTR) Video Transmission Recorder that captures motion pictures using tapes, Vision mixer which selects pictures responding to stories the news anchor reads. Indeed knowledge is power.

Lydiah, Everlyne, and Sharon enjoying their lunch
After the tour, we went to a restaurant in town where we quenched our hunger and thirst, took photos and journeyed back to Uweza Foundation Centre. If it was not a fabulous day, what else can we call it? Thanks to our journalism tutor Thomas for facilitating our media visit as a journalism club that has given us a different perspective into media operations.

 The authors of this story, Rebecca and Dorcas, are members of the Uweza Journalism Club.

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