Friday, August 17, 2012

Learning Power

by Rebecca Musanga, Phenny Nyanchama,  Jenipher Awuor, Aisha Mohamed and Ruth Ijaika

As the Bible phrases,”My people perish because they lack knowledge.” It was a knowledgeable day at Uweza Foundation Center at 4.00pm where the senior Uweza journalism club members were learning more about and how one can start a free blog page to post information relevant to  people they are targeting. This exercise was conducted by Mr. Thomas Bwire, our journalism trainer.

As we start our August holiday break from our normal school routine, we could not wait to join our other journalism members and get to catch up with them on how they have been doing. For some of us who have been in boarding schools, it is another opportunity to learn new skills for the journalism career in our later years.

Back to our lesson of the day, Mr. Thomas took us through the initial steps  of setting up a blog page using for free. The site allows one to post stories of one’s choice that can be read globally. We learned some insights on how we can write a new blog, how to preview, publish, link a story to any given blog and even edit our own blog stories.

Mr. Thomas also visited some other blogs to help us understand the different formats of how we can post our blog stories and also insert any accompanied pictures. As we were busy trying to come up with different ideas, our junior members were sharing the latest stories they encountered or witnessed during the week. As they were still discussing, Mr. Thomas came in to assist them so that they may finalize on our upcoming media  first ever visit  this coming week to Royal Media Services, one of the local broadcasting media houses with Television and Radio.

After the learning session, we went through the previous blogs that were posted by some of our members and got more ideas on how to write interesting stories.  We all look forward to start writing our own blogs and in the coming weeks.

After a long afternoon, we were treated to a cup of porridge, known as uji in Swahili, as we assembled together so as to share more about the visit and also the next meeting.

This is our first ever blog piece written by five people and we are happy that you read it and got to know the kind of skills we are gaining gradually.

Rebecca, Phenny,  Jenipher, Aisha and Ruth are members of the Uweza Journalism Club.  They will be starting their own blog in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

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