Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let the feet speak

Story and photos by Rebecca Musanga

Football is the most common game in the world that can be played by different people and at the same time unites them. That is a fact for sure. Yesterday at Woodly grounds at exactly 4.45 pm, Uweza FC played a friendly match against a team of Kibera All Stars commonly known as “Help Them Lord."  The Kibera All Stars team includes players from Kibera that have made it to the Kenyan Premier League and other Kibera celebrities.

Before the match began, Uweza FC players were busy warming up under the supervision of their team manager Charles Kaindi famously known to his players as “Coach Stam.”  Coach Stam also took the rare opportunity to play with the team. The opponent team, Help Them Lord, arrived a bit late which made the game start behind schedule.

Uweza FC warming up before the match
 In the first 20 minutes of the first half, Help Them Lord got their first goal from Kriss Darling, a  famously known Kibera DJ.  23 minutes later, Jesse Were, who plays for Premier League team Mathare United, added a second goal making his team lead by 2 goals to nil. This made Uweza FC even stronger although some of the players had injuries.

In the second half, Uweza FC finally scored a goal with the help of Ali Juma, making the Uweza fans go crazy. The match was heated as everyone tried his best to score another goal. The referee gave three yellow cards to players who proved to be rough on the field. Uweza FC had many opportunities of scoring at least 7 goals but they lost their balance of the ball. After 90 minutes of hustle and bustle, the whistle was blown to mark the end of the match.

Uweza player Ali Juma after scoring his goal

“Luck was not on our side today but  we played a good game," Team Manager Stam told me after the match. "I decided to organize this match with the All Stars from Kibera to encourage our young players from Uweza and help the older guys give back to the community. We are going to work on our mistakes and continue to improve."

Uweza FC has three matches remaining in the Nairobi County League. This Saturday they will be playing Liberty FC, who is currently ranked first in the league. The team had a brief meeting with their coach as Kibera All Stars players left the field. The players put on a brave look hoping that come next match, they will achieve a win.

Rebecca Musanga is a member of the Uweza Journalism Club.

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