Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Story: Alfred Nyongwe

"My Story" is a new blog series intended to provide a platform for Uweza beneficiaries to tell their own stories about their lives and their involvement in our programs.  First up is Alfryed Nyongwe, a fourth year high school student, who plays for Uweza's senior soccer team and is a recipient of an Uweza sponsorship. Alfred will be taking the KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) exam next month.  

by Alfred Nyongwe

It is true that opportunities are rare.  It is only at Uweza Foundation that opportunities are well and fully offered.  Some of these opportunities are as follows: We have soccer, which is the mother of others, journalism, drama, arts and crafts, sponsorship, counseling and free tuition. This creates, prepares, and nurtures talents for the young generation.

Alfred Nyongwe
As an individual, Uweza really helped me to cater for my school fees.  I count myself among the luckiest students due to the benefits I have been acquiring in this organization. As I am preparing for my final examination, they offered me a conducive environment for learning. They provide all requirements for the examination such as: revision books, past papers, pens, exercise books, and a place where one can have a moment of peace of mind to study.

In addition, they have encouraged me by giving tips for passing an examination. This led me to have a positive attitude and mind about education for my future life. Their main interest is to see great people in the future coming from the "Uweza family."

Alfred studying at the Uweza Community Center
My coach gave me time to concentrate with my studies and resume attending soccer training sessions on 29th of November after the National Examinations.  He did this out of a good heart and the interest he had for me. He allowed anyone who is preparing for the final examination to concentrate on his/her education because education is life and it is only this examination that will determine who you will become in the future.  I really appreciate him for the good intentions toward my life and I won't forget his words...."I want to see you by next year with a suitcase coming from Kenyatta University...where your dreams will come true."

Alfred, left, with his coach, Team Manager Charles Kaindi
In conclusion, I thank Uweza Foundation and all of the staffs for the great work they have been doing to create, nurture, and empower talents. My prayers to all is that our mighty Lord give them long lives and strength to continue supporting the needy. In addition, God bless the work of their hands and increase mercy on their hearts to make Uweza Foundation become a throbbing heart for the needy.

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