Friday, September 7, 2012

Sponsorship Family Day

Story by: Jennipher Awour
Photos by: Phenny Nyamachama

The Uweza community center was filled to the brim last Sunday with parents of the sponsored children sitting sharing a platform. The center's open area created ample space for this special gathering.  This was a forum aimed at comparing notes on different issues between the parents and their children in the sponsorship program.

Uweza sponsorship students and parents at the community center
Most of the parents appreciated having been integrated into the Uweza family, through their sponsored children especially with a focus on uplifting their education standards. The sponsorship program offers children coming from needy families an opportunity to have access to quality education among primary and high school going children.

One of the first up to speak was the chairman of the sponsorship committee, Mr. Tom Odumo.  The committee is responsible for reviewing and approving applications to the program as well as addressing disciplinary issues among sponsored students.  According to Mr. Tom, one of the aims of the meeting was to encouraging parents to follow up on their children’s welfare when in school, by checking on their school work and also at the end of the school term, by checking their children's report forms.  

Mr. Tom Odumo, elected Chairman of the Sponsorship Committe
As the presentation was on-going, the concentration from the people present was written all over their faces, as they looked focused while following the presentation from Tom Odumo.  Mr. Tom also emphasized on the need for the girl child to be in a closer relationship with their parents, so as their issues are rightfully addressed, and also for them to avoid getting into early pregnancies  that easily pulls them out of education while the boy child remains in school.

On his part, sponsorship coordinator, Mathew Muema, advised the children present not to engage into drugs which will easily mess their life plans. Mathew also did reminded parents to play their part on seeking medical attention for sick children since their health matters most.

One of the sponsored student's fathers, left, and Sponsorship Coordinator, right, speak to the parents
While the country director Mr. William Moi used the opportunity to share information of other programs that children can be engaged in, like free tutorial classes offered by qualified tutors and after school programs such as art club, journalism club, and dance club.

County Director William Moi
 His parting shot was word of encouragement to the children to work hard in their studies and that Uweza would be happy to see them succeed in life later on, “Your strong foundation in education now is what matters to us, since it will pay later in life, with the support of Uweza and your parents."

Jenipher Awuor and Phenny Nyamachama are members of the Uweza Journalism Club.

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