Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting ready for the exams

by Thomas Bwire

They all sat quietly in one of the rooms at the center as they read through their continuous assessment exams, given by Uweza to monitor the effectiveness of our after-school tuition. These are some of the students who are high school candidates making final preparations for their exams. After four years of hard work in high school, candidates are required to undertake a national Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam that determines their life path. The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) is the examination body in Kenya is mandated to examine students at their last year of their studies, be it in primary and high school.

I got to interact with some of the candidates taking advantage of the Uweza center to study and get to know how they have adequately prepared to handle exams which are already on–going.

Edmond Bwire, Francis Namale, and John Kidagwa are some of the high school students who study at Uweza's center
Edmond Bwire Peter, aged 19 years old, is a candidate at Langata High School, and notes that he has been reading hard to be well prepared for the national exams. “I have been working with groups of fellow students for revision purposes, ” notes Edmond. His dream is to become an aeronautical engineer.

Francis Namale, aged 19 years old, also a form four student at Jeremic Adventist Academy is  optimistic that all will be well. He says that he been doing lots of revision and the teachers strike at the beginning of the school term will not affect his performance. "These exams mean a lot to my life and I want to join campus to study computer science since technology advancement keeps having an impact on our lives and there is need to embrace it,” are Francis sentiments.

Francis Namale taking the Uweza tuition continuous assessment exam
John Kidagwa, aged 18 years old, is motivated to become a business entrepreneur  “My motivation comes from my late father, and that’s why I have to work hard and pass my exams well."

John Kidagwa
In total, ten students from Uweza's programs are taking the exams this year. From the Uweza family, we want to wish all candidates sitting for their national exams success and may their life desires be realized come next year!

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