Monday, October 1, 2012

Hope is not gone forever

by Nicholas Gisemba

The sponsored primary school going kids of Uweza family all looked happy and adorable last Sunday at their monthly meeting. This meeting comes every last Sunday of the month as they all gather together and talk about what is going on in their lives. In one of the classroom. Mathew Muema, Sponsorship Coordinator gave the kids a simple task of having to draw the people that matter most to them in their family.

Something that kept me thinking, that all the kids can easily identify the people they love and what it means for them. This exercise took like 15 minutes to accomplish. Later on they all went out for an outdoor activity, where one student acted out different creatures and objects such as a kangaroo and a spoon while the others guessed.

Maurine acting as a kangaroo
The most interesting part of the day’s session was when all the kids had to speak up for themselves on their needs. Some of their sentiments were as follows: some had only one pair of school uniform and requested to be added an extra pair. While others noted that their uniforms were old and needed replacement.

Sponsorship Coordinator Mathew organizes the students for a game
The forum offered a space to let them speak up their minds as a way of growth into becoming responsible adults in the near future. The exercise also gives students the confidence to express themselves and their needs. Challenges faced at school were also shared and possible ways of overcoming them to excel better this new school term.

Snack time
The day came to an end with a small snack shared among all the kids present, A cup of juice and cookies were served from the kitchen and all queued as they waited for their chance to get a piece and ate just like one family.  The kids also had a chance to make their funny gestures while taking a group photo.

As the kids left the center, I had an opportunity to speak with Mathew whom shared his thoughts that his greatest motivation is to see all the kids grow in their lives and to overcome the life challenges that in many cases create barriers that can hamper their growth in life.

Nicholas Gisemba is a member of the Uweza Journalism Club. 

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