Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My hands speak for my mind

by Rebecca Musanga

In the hot afternoon of a beautiful Saturday, the Uweza Foundation Art Club was busy speaking more using their hands than their mouths. Their creative colours blend their intelligence with the help of the art work tools which are the paint brushes, different paintings of different colours, and  a canvas among others.

This form of painting brings an inspiration to their daily lives since they are young and vibrant and full of great ideas. They receive the help of their professional artist Mr. Wanderer, who guides them in the best way to lay down their ideas. Their form of art speaks a lot ranging from world life, landscape sceneries, vegetation and human culture. These are just a few of the selected paintings they do.

The art class normally meets every Wednesday and Saturdays for their training which normally lasts for two hours. I spoke to some of them and the said that they really enjoy painting since to them it looks simpler and comes out as an expression of their thoughts, ideas and feelings surrounding them.

A talent is a skill, which if well focused on and nurtured, can do wonders. I was totally amazed by their beautiful work, making me feel like I needed some tuition in drawing. Their creativity was awesome and the output was just the exact visual one can see with the normal eyes. I was so impressed by the way they blended their colours to create a phenomenal output. Their drawing is worth a thousand words and even more. Their talent is original. Bravo Uweza Art club.

You can support the students and the sustainability of the art program by purchasing their paintings every Wednesday on Uweza's Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/uweza) and on the Uweza website: http://www.uweza.org/shop.html

Rebecca Musanga is a  member of the Uweza Journalism Club.

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