Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Story: Yvonne Chanzu Jandi.

By Yvonne Chanzu Jandi.

"My Story" gives beneficiaries of Uweza programs the opportunity to tell their own story about their experience with Uweza.  Today's story is written by  Yvonne Chanzu Jandi, a 13 year-old student participating in Uweza's after-school tutoring program since May.  She plans to become an engineer and also wants us to know that she loves her best friend, Catherine Achieng.

My name is Vyonne Chanzu Jandi. I live in Kibera Kambi Muru near Darajani village. I live with my mother who is a single mother. At the age of 10, I lost my father and my mother has been the one taking good care of us. I am 13 years old and in class seven at Kibera primary school.

Yvonne Chanzu Jandi
I used to look for a place where I can settle my mind well after school and learn many things that I have never understood in the class.  When I heard my friends talking about the good things that Uweza Foundation has done for them, I tried to look for a way that I can talk to my friends because I was so desperate to join the Uweza Foundation.

Getting help on her homework from Uweza teacher Isaiah
I decided to talk to them and they directed me how to get a registration form. I took the form to my mother and we filled it together. She was so happy and encouraged me to join the tuition program at Uweza Foundation.

Yvonne, left, with her best friend Catherine
Uweza has led me to become a very nice person. It has led me to a life that I never imagined. The tuition program has helped me improve my marks from 250 to 300 marks. I have always prayed that I can pass my compositions so that I can help the needy in my country and I know that I will pass my examinations come the end of the year in the name of the great God.  I am sure Uweza will make my dreams come true.

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