Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nairobi Show

by Thomas Bwire

Last Friday was an adorable day as it presented an opportunity for the kids under the sponsorship program a chance to visit The Nairobi International Trade Fair, an annual event held in Nairobi.  The walk from the center was full of energy as all the kids present, dressed in their respective school uniforms, walked steady fast as they anticipated what the day ahead was going to be like. It didn’t take long and in less than 20 minutes, we all arrived at one of the entry gates at the Trade fair, famously known here as Nairobi Show.

Mathew Muema, Uweza Sponsorship Coordinator, paid our entry tickets and thereafter we had access to have fun and enjoy to the fullest what was in store for us. Before entry, security personnel did check through the bags as a way of enhancing security for everyone’s safety.

Once in, our first stop was at the stand where cows were displayed in their stalls, amazingly they were bigger than most of us thought this made some of the kid’s curious and want to touch them. Later on we moved to the see other animals like goats, and sheep, here too some of the kids fell in love with one of the sheep as they wanted a photo of this rare animal.

Posing with a sheep
Thereafter, we moved to others stands like the ministry of Agriculture, where we got to know what foods are grown in Kenya and how they are supposed to be preserved right from the farm to harvest time.

High school students learning about flowers
Learning sign language
Time was flying so fast that we had to take a small break and had small bite of sausages which were delicious.  Next we went to the merry-go round area which had many people than we never thought. Some of the kids decided to enjoy the merry-go round while some choose to have something else.

Later on we all got a place to enjoy our meal and also all the kids got their faces painted. The moment of the day was at one of the local stand and a few of our kids had a chance to show case their dancing skills. Winners were awarded key holders and pens to motivate them.

Uweza students dancing in front of a big crowd

Just before the day came to an end, we also visited the arena, and got to see some performances from the local police on how they curb insecurity issues in the country. To close the day, some cows were paraded past our stands showcasing farmers efforts in raring them.
The fair which opened its doors on 2nd October-7th October 2012 had this year's theme as, 'Enhancing Technology in Agriculture and Industry for Food Security and National Growth.  The trade fair, formerly called the Nairobi Agricultural Show, began in 1901 when the agricultural and horticultural society was founded in Nairobi. The show became a trade fair in the year 2000 giving opportunity to local and international exhibitors to promote their services and products.

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