Monday, October 8, 2012

The Finals

Finally the day came for the young footballers to show the results of their hard work to everyone. On 6th October at DC grounds in Kibera, the Uweza FC Under-10 team was playing against Marren FC Under-10 in the finals of the Young Generation Englightenment Programme (YOGEP) tournament .They had earlier on played against Katerlands FC and won 3-2 which made them qualify for the finals. They were shining in their blue jerseys as they warmed up under the supervision of their coaches Said and Joash.
Uweza Under-10 team lines up before the match
At 10.00am, the game kicked off as the two teams made several attempts to net goals in their opponents’ goal posts. At the 10th minute, Uweza got their first goal through their dangerous player Samwel Fredrick who drove the crowd  wild and immediately after the celebrations, he scored a second goal making the team celebrate even more.

Uweza Under-10  in action
At the end of first half, Uweza had a 2-0 lead. One yellow card was given to Marren FC player after a foul.  In the second half, Marren FC made efforts and were able to get their first goal through Ali Munyi hence making the game end at 2-1. Uweza FC had won the game!

Shortly after the Under-10 match finished, the Uweza FC Under-12 players played against Salama FC for the finals. Earlier on in the semi-finals, they had played against African Heroes and beaten them 2-0 to qualify for the finals.

At first the two teams were afraid of each other as each played carefully in the first half. In the second half, Salama FC scored their first goal which made Uweza up their game and in the last five minutes, a super swap of Ferdinand Leo made Uweza score a goal hence it ended with a draw of 1-1, leading to penalties.

Uweza Under-12 player scores a goal in penalties
In the penalties, Salama FC were able to score 3 more goals while Uweza scored 2 making Salama FC the winners of the Under-12 category. The Under-12 team from Uweza were disappointed, considering the fact that they were playing in their new yellow, dazzling jerseys but at least they were in the second place position.

Uweza Under-10 with their first place trophy!
Uweza Under-12 captain Wycliffe Odhiambo accepts the team's prize voucher
After completion of the final matches for all categories, Uweza Under-10 players were officially handed over their precious cup through their captain while the Under-12 players received a voucher for 500 Kshs, making the day end it joyous celebration.

Rebecca Musanga is a member of the Uweza Journalism Club.

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